International Halal Certification, guarantee for consumers and benefits for your business

Halal International Authority (HIA) operates in Italy and internationally and is able to provide the highest quality halal certification to companies in order to meet all the consumers’ needs to use Halal goods and services.

HIA is an Authority which guarantees and certifies all that is part of the Islamic Doctrine, namely the Shariah, and consequently is “Halal” (licit), but also all that is not included in the Shariah, namely everything is “Haram” (illicit).

HIA operates as an Authority of accreditation of bodies and professionals, for the integrated development from a social, economic and commercial point of view. HIA offers Advisory services to other bodies and Governments too.

Halal certification is an added value for a company as it is the market estimates about 2,300 billion US dollars and grows 6% every year.

HIA aims to support companies which want to invest in a new market and grow; it is essential that companies know how to act. HIA supports these companies, following a specific procedure:

  • Validation of business process
  • Give a cultural and multicultural approach
  • Validation of products
  • Promotion of a new company image

The certificates can be released for different products and sectors.

Our body adopts the HQS system that is consistent with the standards of Islamic Sharia and is compatible and inclusive of different halal standards of control (QMS), shared and accepted by the world Islamic Authorities and can be applied to the following sectors:

  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Body care
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare
  • Hotel and catering
  • Logistics
  • Finance and insurance



Testimonials of Halal International Authority